Pledge to monitor workers' housing [Gulf Daily News] (01/04/15)

Maid stranded in row with sponsor [Gulf Daily News] (24/03/15)

Unpaid wages row [Gulf Daily News] (17/03/15)

Maid hurt in escape bid [Gulf Daily News] (16/03/15)

Why Are Our Workers Still Paid a Pittance? [Gulf Daily News] (26/07/14)

Iftar and Ramadan Gifts Distributed [Gulf Daily News] (24/07/14)

Food Packages Distributed by MWPS [Gulf Daily News] (17/07/14)

Court Date is Set for Fire Deaths Accused [Gulf Daily News] (16/07/14)

Teenage Maid Flied Home Empty Handed [Gulf Daily News] (16/07/14)

Sharp Drop in Maid Abuse Cases [Gulf Daily News] (13/07/14)

1000BD Donation Made [Gulf Daily News] (25/07/14)

Teenage Maids Alert [Gulf Daily News] (24/07/14)

30 Trafficking Cases are Probed [Gulf Daily News] (23/06/14)

Factory Strike Ends After Payrise Deal [Gulf Daily News] (17/06/14)

Strike Threat by Agencies Wrapped [Gulf Daily News] (17/06/14)

Workers Evade Talks, Strike Enters Ma'amir [Daily Tribune] (12/06/14)

Dispute Leads to Major Strike [Daily Tribune] (11/06/14)

New Push to Extend Summer Work Ban [Gulf Daily News] (09/06/14)

Expat Fury Over Traffic Law Plan [Gulf Daily News] (07/06/14)

Fire Safety Push Success Hailed [Gulf Daily News] (31/05/14)

عاملة منزلية في البحرين بلا راتب منذ 15 عاماً [Alwasat] (28/05/14)

Stricter Laws Urged After Maid's Ordeal [Gulf Daily News] (28/05/14)

New Alarm Over Trafficking Surge [Gulf Daily News] (24/05/14)

Bid to Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking [Gulf Daily News] (10/05/14)

جامعة الخليج العربي تناقش الأوضاع الصحية والاجتماعية للعمال الوافدين [Alayam] (30/04/14)

الغتم يناقش موضوعات العمالة الوافدة مع رئيس جمعية حماية العمالة الوافدة [Alwasat] (28/04/14)

Spotlight on Ways to Check Human Trafficking [Gulf Daily News] (27/04/14)

New Taskforce to Help Maids [Gulf Daily News] (26/04/14)

Help for Blaze-Hit Workers [Gulf Daily News] (15/04/14)

Society in New Push as Fundraise Shelved [Gulf Daily News] (30/03/14)

Seeking Workers' Rights [Women This Month April 2014] 

Protection Call [Gulf Daily News] (23/03/14)

Don't Blame Workers For These Tragedies [Gulf Daily News] (15/03/14)

Smoke Alarms for Old Buildings [Gulf Daily News] (13/03/14)

Almoayyed Makes it on Prestigious List [Gulf Weekly] (12/03/14)

Five Hurt in Fall at Building Site [Gulf Daily News] (09/03/14)

Rogue Labour Camps Alert [Gulf Daily News] (03/03/14)

Death Blaze Safety Probe is Launched [Gulf Daily News] (01/03/14)

Women's Rights in the Spotlight [Gulf Daily News] (06/02/14)

Workshop for Housemaids [Gulf Daily News] (14/01/14)

International Migrants' Day Observed [Daily Tribune] (19/12/13)

AMA Donates to MWPS [Gulf Daily News] (30/11/13)

Goods Worth 1,000BD Donated [Gulf Daily News] (27/11/13)

LuLu Launches Food Drive [Gulf Daily News] (05/11/13)

Suicide Bid Woman Recovering [Gulf Daily News] (21/10/13)

Compensation Urged for Worksite Accident Victims [Gulf Daily News] (19/10/13)

Shun Taboo Call to Rape Victims [Gulf Daily News] (29/09/13)

Indian Workers Cashing in on Rupee Slump [Gulf Daily News] (22/08/13)

Workers' Rights Reviewed [Gulf Daily News] (19/08/13)

Indian Maid Escapes from Abusive Employer [Business Standard] (13/08/13)

Art Gala Raises 15,000BD for Migrant Workers [Gulf Daily News] (04/08/13)

New Passport Rules Backed [Gulf Daily News] (26/06/13)

Two Suicides in Four Hours [Gulf Daily News] (14/02/13)

'Extend summer work ban' call [Gulf Daily News]

Payout call for worksite deaths [Gulf Daily News]

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