Executive Committee 2017-2019

Marietta Dias


Marietta is a founding member of MWPS. She held the office of Action Committee Head from 2005 to 2010 before becoming Chairperson in June 2011 to date.Since arriving in Bahrain from India in 1964, Marietta has been continuously involved in expatriate community welfare work, initially through the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. She joined the Bahrain Royal Flight in 1967 and went on to retire as the Assistant Director of Administration 2004. For decades Marietta is one of the very few people on the Island who volunteered with the preparation of bodies for burial.

Marietta was awarded the Benemerenti Gold Medal from the Vatican in 1985 for the long and exceptional service which she has offered to the church. She also received the Hero Acting to End Modern Day Slavery award in 2008 from the US Department of State on the recommendation of the US Embassy in Bahrain and she is the recipient of numerous other awards of recognition and appreciation. 

Marietta has attended and spoken at many national and international conferences and workshops which relate directly to the rights of migrant workers.

Marietta believes that a combination of hard work, commitment and integrity is what it takes to make a real difference in this field.

She is an active member of the Indian Ladies Association (ILA) and of the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF). She has recently been welcomed as an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Manama.

Noora Feleyfel


Noora joined MWPS in 2007 as an active member of both the Action and the Fundraising Committees. She became Head of the Action Committee in 2010 and was actively involved in case work. She was then elected to be Vice-Chairperson in June 2011. She was also a member of the (Bahrain) National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons from 2010 to 2015 where she represented MWPS. 
Noora is a Bahraini national and holds a BSc in Mass Communications which she gained from Boston University (USA). She has over 15 years of work experience in the field of Marketing, Advertising and Business. She has used her qualifications and professional business and marketing experience to benefit the Society. Noora is passionate about addressing human trafficking and defending the rights of those who have no voice to defend themselves.  She believes basic human rights should be granted and guaranteed for all workers, regardless of sex, race, religion, or economic status.  Noora currently runs her own business. 

Katharine Ball 

General Secretary

Katharine graduated with a B.A Hons. in History, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Toronto in 2015. While pursuing her studies she was an active student politician as a two-term President of the Arts and Science Students’ Union as well as serving as a two-term student representative on the university’s Academic Board. 

 She was also a Board Member at the Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre in Toronto, Canada from March 2012 until December 2013. 

Katharine firmly believes that advocacy work can bring about universal social betterment. She believes that it is incumbent on all of us to act upon caring for the wellbeing of the most vulnerable around us. She is inspired by a quote from the late boxer Muhammad Ali, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” 

Katharine joined MWPS in January 2016. She hopes to contribute her skills and passion toward the improvement of the lives of migrant workers in Bahrain.

Susan Marie Martin 

Assistant General Secretary

Susan holds a Ph. D. in Applied Social Studies from University College Cork.  An independent researcher, her work focuses on the impact of modernization and gentrification on policies that affect the urban poor, particularly women who eke out subsistence earnings as street traders.  A Canadian and Irish citizen, she has lived in five countries on three continents.  She is an international educator currently teaching at a school in Bahrain.  She has been a member of the Migrant Workers Protection Society since late 2015.

Kopal Shah


Kopal joined MWPS in August 2016 as a member of Labor Safety Welfare Committee (LSW). Since then she has been actively participating in various LSW projects and was elected as a Treasurer in May 2017. She is passionate about improving the standard of living of labors in Bahrain and is determined to continue striving for the same.

By education, Kopal is an Economic Honors graduate from Delhi University and also holds an MBA degree in Finance from ICFAI Business School, India. Post completing her MBA, she briefly worked with in the Financial Services sector in India before moving to Bahrain two years back.  

Nazar Hassan

Asst. Treasurer



Florine Mathias 

Head of the Shelter Committee

Florine graduated from The University of Bombay with B.Com hons.in Accounts and Business  Management,  further more contributing her leadership skills as a Senior Students adviser,

During her tenure, being employed for 45 years with the Ministry of Housing as a P.A to the Director, she also assisted other Govt. Officials at the Ministry. 

Being a resident of Bahrain for over 50 years she has played a prominent role in many sectors, Private and public,   especially for the most charitable organization for special children “Sneha” (ILA)  ,  as a treasurer, Vice President and 4 terms as a president. 

"It is in giving that you receive”. This thought made her use her time and energy towards assisting the less fortunate. She has played an active role as a community service worker since 1966, sheltering and taking care of migrant workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

She is one of the founder members of the Migrant Workers Society in Bahrain. Her main criteria is to assist the sheltered female workers, with utmost compassion and love which gave her inner satisfaction and joy. 

Florine has achieved Papal honors from the Vatican, in the year 1998 for her charitable works. 

Florine’s hobbies are music, religious activities and passion for the poor and the needy, in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

zuhair.Zuhair Katib Ahmed

Head of Labour Safety and Welfare Committee

 'Live and help to live.'

That's the motto that keeps driving Katib Zuhair Ahmed forward. Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India, he has been a resident of Bahrain for the past 22 years. He graduated as a B.A Urdu from the Madras University in 1992 and B.A Arabic in 1990 and thereon has been working  in the Advertising and Print industry. He has been the general manger of NYPD, a Bahrain based firm since 2011.

Katib joined MWPS as a volunteer in 2016 and is now the Head of Labour Safety and Welfare Committee. As an immigrant himself, he recognises the difficuties faced by the immigrant labourers who come to foreign lands in hope of a better future. His philanthropic nature compels him to stand up for the voiceless and work for the betterment of all fellow immigrants in Bahrain. His aim is to ensure that no group of people is left behind in the process of development and globalization. 




Head of Fundraising and Awareness Committee

Helen is a human being who cares and loves other human beings and life!

She graduated from the University of London with an LLB Honours and has been working as a legal consultant and lectured banking law over the last decade within the GCC region. She was initially based in Dubai for 8 years and she has now been in Bahrain for three years and feels more at home than anywhere else in the world. Helen migrated from Brazil in 1988 to the UK and grew up in London for 17 years.

She is passionate about helping people and is keen to develop skills that will allow her to help more people of ALL backgrounds to reach their maximum potential. She joined MWPS as a volunteer member in December 2013 and was elected General Secretary of the Board in May 2015.

She recently sat for the New York Bar Exam. She is also a member of the ICSA, UK.

  Evone Bhaskaran

  Head of Action Committee

  Evone is one of the founding members of MWPS. She was Assistant Head of the Action Committee from 2009 to 2013 when she took over as head. Evone is most involved with        workers from the Sri Lankan community in Bahrain but also supports those from other communities.

By profession Evone is a teacher. She taught in various schools in Sri Lanka before moving to Bahrain in 1989 where she taught at the Pakistan Urdu School from 1998 until she joined MWPS.

Evone has compassion for those who have no voice in society and for those who cannot stand up for themselves and she believes that all men are equal.

Ali Zeinudin

Assistant Head of Action Committee

Ali Zeinudin joined MWPS in 2010, as a volunteer and has recently been appointed Assistant Head of Action Committee Member. Ali is also a key member in the Kenyan community in Bahrain and a founding Member of Bahrain Kenya Society and is an Advisory Committee Member of its board as well.

As Assistant Head of the action committee he hopes to reach out further to workers of all communities in need. He aims promote workers empowerment and help erase the burden for those suffering in silence.

Ali has been a Bahrain resident since 2004, he holds a Post Graduate Degree in International Business Administration and Diploma in Sales and Marketing. He is a Planning Manager by profession and has held various roles in Top Multicultural Fashion Retail and FMCG Companies in Bahrain.

Ali is passionate about enforcing anti trafficking laws and has always been on the forefront in seeking Migrant workers rights.