The Committees

MWPS is organized under the following Committees. The committee heads are also members of the society’s Executive Committee.

Action Committee

Action committee members respond on a 24/7 basis to individual male and female expatriate workers’ complaints of unjust treatment by their employers. These employees’ complaints include not being paid their salaries at all or not being paid the expected amounts and of being victimised for trying to change employers after the legal period has expired. Domestic workers (housemaids) also complain of having excessive workloads and working excessively long hours, of being beaten or slapped, of being prevented from keeping in contact with their families and friends, of not being given a day off or any rest periods, of being sexually harassed and of not being given enough food to eat.

Our multi-national members speak a wide variety of languages and dialects between them and we are thus able to offer important translations when accompanying workers to police stations, to manpower agencies, to the Ministry of Labour, to Public Prosecution or the courts, to LMRA, to GDNPR or to any other authorities. Members also regularly transport workers to the airport if they are being repatriated.

Shelter Committee

MWPS provides safe temporary accommodation to female expatriate workers of any nationality or faith who are in need of our support. Food, clothing and toiletries are all made available to the residents as well as weekly calls to their families in their home countries. Financial help with repatriation is also provided if necessary.

Committee members also accompany residents to hospital or clinics if necessary and purchase and deliver food to the shelter. A full time resident housekeeper, supervised by the Shelter Head, provides the necessary continuity to ensure the smooth-running of the shelter.

Members provide recreational activities such as craftwork and exercise wherever possible for the residents in the shelter. However this is an area which continues to need the services of more volunteers.

Labour Safety & Welfare Committee

The main objective of this committee is to alert relevant authorities to violations of labour safety and welfare standards. In the course of visits to labour camps distributing useful items such as winter clothing, members bear witness to many examples of unsafe, overcrowded, unhygienic and often dangerous accommodation.

In times of crisis, such as when fire accidents occur in their accommodation, MWPS sometimes coordinates with other organisations to provide those affected with replacement items such as bedding, clothing and toiletries and the society also pays for meals for a limited period while alternative accommodation is being found.

Fundraising Committee

MWPS receives its financial support from donations and sponsorship from individuals, businesses and companies across Bahrain. The objective of this committee is organise fundraising events to enable the society to carry on its important work.