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Fire Accident -Manama

Published on May 1, 2012

Following a fire accident on May 1 at the accommodation of 60 expatriate workers in Manama, Mehru organised the MWPS distribution of new bedding including mattresses plus toiletries and clothes for the men whose belongings had all been destroyed in the fire. Many thanks to Mehru, Teresa, Beverley, Shiney, Koshy, Neelaja, Sara & family who attended and helped with the distribution and to Noora, Shiney, Koshy, Saar Fellowship, Nazar & Teresa who all contributed towards the costs.

The Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS)

Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS) was established in 2005 under license 25/C/AC (ج/أج/ ٢٥) from the Ministry of Social Development.

Our Mission Statement is to seek to help expatriate workers achieve their basic human rights in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

We are the only society in the region to work exclusively in support of the expatriate worker community, as far as we are aware.

We have more than 50 members from Australia, Bahrain, Britain, Canada, Ethiopia, India, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and the US, all of whom work on an entirely voluntary basis.

We receive referrals for support almost every day, from a variety of sources including from workers themselves, from members of the public, from police stations, from embassies, from officials at the Ministry of Labour and sometimes from Detention Centre and Immigration officials.

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