Become a Member

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Membership Rules & Regulations


1. A Membership Application Form must be completed and submitted to our Adliya offices by those wishing to join MWPS along with a copy of their CPR, 2 passport sized photos and a CV.

2. The General Secertary will then forward the name and details of the applicant to the Executive Committee. If after 10 days no points of concerns are raised 
by the Executive Committee members the applicant will begin the process to be accepted as a member.

3. The General Secretary or Office Administrator will contact the applicant to request the annual membership fee of BD10 and the one-time 
payment of BD5 for a new membership. Members are to pay this fee in cash at our offices in Adliya. At this time the new member will recieve their
membership card. This membership card will be stamped annually when the member pays their BD10 annual membership fee. 

4. New members will contacted by the General Secretary and/or another Executive Committee member (desginated by the General Secretary) in order to meet them for a brief orientation meeting.  At this meeting the new member will be advised based on their application form and CV how best they can become involved at the MWPS. 

The following rules & regulations apply to our members* 


Collection: I shall not collect any cash donations or any donations of any kind without prior communication with the Chairperson or at least two Executive Committee Members.


Stationary: I shall not use MWPS stationery for my own direct or indirect purposes.


Copyright and related works/rights: I hereby confirm that any works which I voluntarily share with MWPS via any means (email, whatsapp, facebook or in response to a request from MWPS) is : (a) my own work; and (b) can be used free of charge and indefinitely for the benefit of MWPS through social media, print or any other means. *Please note that wherever possible and appropriate, MWPS will credit the author of works.


Confidentiality and Press/Media: I shall not release any sensitive material pertaining to MWPS in the media (TV, radio, online, print media or any other public form). Volunteers shall not communicate with the press on behalf of MWPS without prior written approval of the Executive Committee nominated press spokespersons (MWPS office or Executive Committee members can readily confirm who these persons are). I shall treat all MWPS affairs, relating to the organization itself, migrant workers and other Executive Committee members and volunteers with the highest standards of confidentiality and in no less than in the same way that I would treat my own confidential information and I shall not disclose or discuss to any person, organization or entity, or use for my own purpose, confidential information received in my capacity with MWPS.


Communication: I shall check my emails on a regular basis for MWPS notifications and any other communications related to MWPS and attend or excuse myself from any related annual or general body meetings. I shall maintain regular contact with the relevant Executive Committee member and offer assistance to MWPS in the areas indicated above.


Minimum Commitment: I understand that I may be required to undertake induction and/or serve a minimum number of hours under one of the following four Committees (Shelter/Action/Fundraising and Awareness/Labour Safety and Welfare) prior to my commencement as an official volunteer of MWPS.


Executive Committee Approval: I understand that my membership is subject to Executive Committee approval of my membership application.


Membership Fees and automatic Termination due to unpaid fees: I hereby agree to keep the registration and membership fees up to date. I understand that my volunteer membership shall be automatically terminated if my membership fee or registration fee is more than three months in arrears of the due date. Membership renewal fees are due in January of every year. 


Participation in AGMs and EGMs: I understand that in line with Ministry of Labour and Social Development regulations, only members whose fees are up to date and have been officially with MWPS for six months will be invited to attend Annual General Body Meetings “AGM” and Extraordinary General Body Meetings “EGM”.


Local Residency Requirement: I hereby agree that if it comes to the knowledge of MWPS by any means that I am no longer a resident of Bahrain my volunteer membership shall be terminated automatically.


Valid CPR: I hereby agree that if my CPR is cancelled for any reason my volunteer membership shall be deemed automatically cancelled.



When representing MWPS I shall conduct myself with dignity and not contravene any applicable laws within the Kingdom of Bahrain. I understand that my membership shall be automatically terminated if it comes to the attention of MWPS through any means that I have breached any of the declarations, norms, regulations, or any of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development rules or if I have directly or indirectly placed MWPS or any of its members or migrants in any compromising position due to my actions/omissions.
 I shall acquaint myself and abide by the applicable MWPS policies, terms and conditions, constitution and all applicable laws issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.
 I shall coordinate all MWPS activities through the relevant Executive Committee member. I shall not interface on projects without prior approval of the relevant Executive Committee Head.


Criminal Record: I hereby confirm that I have never been convicted of any criminal cases, and understand that my membership shall be automatically terminated should this change.

(*these rules and regulations are also included on our Application Form as of September 2016)