Become a Member

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Membership Rules & Regulations


  • A Membership Application Form must be completed by those wishing to join MWPS
  • New members should be introduced to MWPS by an existing member at a General Body or Members’ meetings
  • New members should then be proposed and seconded by two members present at that meeting

The following rules & regulations apply

  • Membership fees of BD10 per annum should be paid by the member. A one time registration fee of BD5 will be charged for a new membership
  • The new member should join one or more of the committees of the MWPS and contribute actively
  • All members should make it a point to attend the meetings of their committees as well as the General Body and Members’ Meetings
  • Advance notice of meetings will be communicated to all the members through e-mails by the General Secretary
  • If a member is unable to attend a meeting they should excuse themselves, by informing their Committee Head or the General Secretary
  • If a member does not attend three consecutive meetings without any information, or being excused, the Executive Committee reserves the right to discontinue the membership of the member
  • As all the notifications for meetings / any other communication will be done through e-mails members are requested to check their emails on a regular basis. If a member does not have an e-mail ID the respective member should inform the General Secretary, who will communicate information via a phone call
  • Members are requested to reply to emails when specifically asked for a response
  • Members are also requested to inform their Committee Head or any member of the Executive Committee when they leave the country for lengthy periods. They are then automatically excused for ALL the meetings held during that period.
  • Members when representing the MWPS, should conduct themselves with dignity and their actions should not contravene any laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain