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About MWPS

The Migrant Workers Protection Society is a Bahraini registered Non-profit NGO established in 2005 whose mission is to help expatriate workers achieve basic human rights in Bahrain in accordance with international standards. We aim to achieve this by creating awareness, educating, advocating, providing basic necessities (ie food and clothing), translating, facilitating repatriation for these low income workers. We depend solely on donations from private companies and individuals to carry out this important work. Without the community's contributions this work would not be possible.

Donate Money

Your contributions will be very gratefully received. MWPS is a voluntary organisation they relies entirely on local donations within Bahrain to continue operating.
You can contact our members and/or donate* into our account below:

Bank: National Bank of Bahrain (NBB)
Account Number: 0099607719
IBAN: BH21 NBOB 0000 0099 6077 19

Please contact our members to discuss any other sort of donations such as food, clothing, toiletries etc
*Please note, we can only accept donations from inside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Be a Volunteer

MWPS requires volunteers for various activities. Download Membership Form and Apply

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Membership Rules & Regulations

Get Involved

1. A Membership Application Form must be completed and submitted to our Adliya offices by those wishing to join MWPS along with a copy of their CPR, 2 passport sized photos and a CV.
2. The General Secertary will then forward the name and details of the applicant to the Executive Committee. If after 10 days no points of concerns are raised by the Executive Committee members the applicant will begin the process to be accepted as a member.
3. The General Secretary or Office Administrator will contact the applicant to request the annual membership fee of BD10 and the one-time payment of BD5 for a new membership. Members are to pay this fee in cash at our offices in Adliya. At this time the new member will recieve their membership card. This membership card will be stamped annually when the member pays their BD10 annual membership fee.
4. New members will contacted by the General Secretary and/or another Executive Committee member (desginated by the General Secretary) in order to meet them for a brief orientation meeting. At this meeting the new member will be advised based on their application form and CV how best they can become involved at the MWPS.

EC members 2019 - 2021

They are nice & friendly

Noora joined MWPS in 2007, She became Head of the Action Committee in 2010 and was actively involved in case work.

Noora Feleyfel


Neelaja is keen to increase awareness among unskilled work force about safety, health and hygiene while advocating their legal responsibilities and rights.

Neelaja Shrotre

General Secretary

Joined MWPS in 2010, An Activist in the field of Workers’ Rights, wrote several investigative reports about Workers and Domestic Workers in Bahrain.

Hana Buhijji

Ast. General Secretary

Evone is one of the founding members of MWPS. She was Assistant Head of the Action Committee from 2009 to 2013 when she took over as head.

Evone Bhaskaran

Head of Action Committee

Joined MWPS as a volunteer in 2016 and is now the Head of Labour Safety and Welfare Committee. 'Live and help to live.' That's the motto that keeps driving him forward.

Katib Zuhair Ahmed

Head of Labour Safety and Welfare Committee


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